SEC Central 7-01

“SEC Central,” by the Clarion Ledger and Bash Brothers Media, is a new video show for the No.1 conference in college football. Filmed every week at the Hotel King Edward in Jackson, Mississippi. 

Host: Mackenzie Salmon (Clarion Ledger). Analysts: Mike Espy (Ole Miss ’03), Wayne Madkin (Miss. State ’01), Jon Wiener (Bash Brothers Media)


SEC Central: QB Losses, Proving Grounds, and ‘The Panic Button’

Watch the No.1 new show for the No.1 conference. Weekly via The Clarion Ledger & USA Today Sports Network.

Introducing: SEC CENTRAL!

“SEC Central,” created by the Clarion-Ledger and Bash Brothers Media, is a new video show for passionate SEC fans and the college football season. ‘SEC […]