Pop Off Pod (POP)! Super Regionals, Warriors in Five, and National News

Bash Brothers Media brings you a new in-house podcast on the important stories happening now in Mississippi and across the nation.

With EP Jon Wiener and “Iso” Joe Simeone

This week on the Pop Off Pod we discuss Jon Wiener’s trip to Starkville, Oxford, and Baton Rouge for College Baseball Regionals. A jam-packed weekend of exciting games and stories makes for some great conversation. Iso Joe predicted last week that the Raptors would take game one and the Warriors would win the next four. After game two things are on track for Iso Joe but Jon thinks this Raptors team can win a few more.

Nationally, Anthony Joshua lost his fight to Anthony Ruiz Jr. in a shocking upset boxing match. What does this loss mean for Deontay Wilder and the boxing community? Liverpool came out on top of the Champions League this weekend. A huge accomplishment that has proven why they continue to be one of the best teams in Soccer.

Tune in for all of this and more on the Pop Off Podcast.

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