Pop Off Pod (POP)! NBA Playoffs, Mississippi QB News, and Game of Thrones

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With EP Jon Wiener and “Iso” Joe Simeone

This week on the Pop Off Podcast we crush it early with a ton of NBA talk, hit the Mississippi quarterback news, and wrap things up with the finale of Game of Thrones. (4:22) The Warriors have advanced to the finals for the fifth straight year. We talk about the legacy they have created and how fun they are to watch without Kevin Durant on the floor. (20:50) With some high market free agents set to leave their teams, we discuss the NBA Offseason and the excitement around it this year.

Mississippi QB’s have hit the news recently. (25:10) To start off we talk about Tommy Steven’s transferring from Penn State to Mississippi State and what this means for State fans. (33:00) Chad Kelly signs with the Indianapolis Colts but will he really have an impact in this organization. (37:00) Cooper Manning’s son Arch Manning has gone viral after a fantastic spring game performance. We discuss how exciting the future can be for the 13-year old star. (40:40) We wrap things up by discussing the controversial transfer of Jalon Jones to Jackson State University. He brings a lot of talent to the school but a lot of baggage as well.

(45:35) Last we hit Game of Thrones and Champions league before we sign off of the Pop Off Pod!

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