Pop Off Pod (POP)! NBA Playoffs, Mississippi Baseball, Champions League and Game of Thrones

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With EP Jon Wiener and “Iso” Joe Simeone

Hosts Iso Joe and Jon Wiener dissect Round Two of the NBA Playoffs. Mississippi’s own Rodney Hood continues to light it up in Portland, giving the Blazers a chance at the Western Conference finals. Kevin Durant goes down with a calf injury and will miss the rest of the series, eerily similar to the Chris Paul injury in the 2018 Rockets-Warriors series. The Sixers wake back up and force a game seven and the Celtics and Kyrie will have a long off-season to figure out their future.

Ole Miss has a lot on the line in their series with Mississippi State this weekend. However, mother nature does not seem to be cooperating and we might not get to see the rivals face off. Liverpool creates a story of their own with a great comeback against the powerhouse Barcelona this week. Things get heated as we talk about the best way to watch Game of Thrones.

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