The Sports Lounge | 4.18.2019

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Welcome to The Sports Lounge. Bash Brothers Media presents a new studio show with award-winning hosts Jon Wiener and co-host Ray Coleman. The biggest stories in Mississippi sports and across the country. Online, on-screen, every week. Come on in TSL!

With another exciting week in sports, hosts Jon Wiener and Ray Coleman hit the top stories across the nation and in Mississippi to open up TSL. The conversation is back on: can Tiger break Jack Nicklaus’ record? Mississippi State is the team to beat in college baseball. NBA playoff surprises, an NFL quarterback gets rich, and more. In Segment Two, we Deep Dish on the NFL Draft less than a week away. In honor of Tiger’s victory at the Masters, it’s an all-GOAT edition of Table for Two as we pit some of the best against each other. See who Jon and Ray sit at their table and who they throw out. It’s Jenga time! We bring back a classic for ‘GameTime’ in The Sports Lounge as Jon tries to redeem himself after an overtime loss to MacKenzie in Skee-Ball last week.  Don’t miss out on another exciting episode of The Sports Lounge.

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