Pop Off Podcast (POP) – MSU Women, NFL News, March Madness Talk

Pop Off Podcast – Bash Brothers Media brings you a new in-house podcast on the important stories happening now in Mississippi and national sports.

With EP Jon Wiener and “Insider” Joe Simeone

This week the Pop Off Podcast (POP) tackles the important stories that have developed in Mississippi and the national spotlight. Here is what this episode covers:

We can’t stop talking about the Mississippi State Women’s Basketball team. After losing two years in a row to the Gamecocks, the Bulldogs secured their first-ever SEC title this year against the Razorbacks. Getting over one mental hurdle is big but now State has big expectations heading into the NCAA tournament as a possible number 1 seed. How far can they go?

Antonio Brown (a.k.a. Mister Big Chest) finally got his wishes and was moved from the Steelers and landed with the Raiders. The Raiders traded a third and fifth round pick for AB, they also gave him a new deal as his contract goes from 38 million over 3 years to 50 million over 3 years. Mister Big Chest is very happy with his new situation but should the Raiders be excited about this trade?

NCAA March Madness is right around the corner and Ole Miss and Mississippi State may be in the tournament together for the first time since 2002. Ole Miss may have an anxious selection Sunday while State should have their spot secured. How far can State and Ole Miss go this year and what do they have to do to succeed in the tournament?

NFL free agency opens up on Wednesday but with legal tampering under way rumors are flying and players are starting to sign deals with new teams. Former Saints Safety Kenny Vaccaro has signed with the Titans, the Jaguars secured Super Bowl MVP Nick Foles and a lot of other big money moves. What do the moves mean for their teams and who is left in free agency?

We have the answers to all these questions and more. Want the answers? Scroll back up, don’t be shy, smash that play button!


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