BBM Begins Production of “Between the Pines”

We have started production of the documentary television series “Between the Pines: Mississippi’s Greatest Sports Stories!” You can read all about it and see the trailer here. Here’s a little primer on the first two episodes:

“The University of South Panola” – The nation knows South Panola High School as a high school football powerhouse. Folks in Mississippi simply call it “USP.”  “The University of South Panola” brings the nation’s most storied high school football dynasty to life and paints a vivid portrait of the culture of football in rural Mississippi.

“The Vet” – One stadium, Mississippi’s history/identity. Veterans Memorial Stadium in Jackson was once the home of college football in Mississippi and its most important cultural symbol. Relive Mississippi’s greatest football moments as they play out alongside its rapidly changing society through the storied battleground of “The Vet.”

We are pumped about the progress of “Between the Pines”! What was once just a laugh and then an idea has now become a plan and a full-scale operation. Production on these two episodes is happening concurrently, as we speak! The series release is schedule for fall of 2017.

We have been all over the state and updating our production status constantly. You can follow along for production content like photos, videos, blogs, announcements, promotions and more at Facebook, on Twitter @bashbrosmedia, and on Instagram @bashbrothersmedia.

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